I’ve had my pm for five months and have had an issue of energy when playing Pickleball. I’m trying to determine if it’s old age (81), incorrect eating habits of low energy foods, physical conditioning, or needing pm recalibration. I play highly competitive three days a week and used to play 4/5 days a week before moving to current location. My issue I just seem to lose energy and get weakness after playing the first game and it gets worse the more I play. I seemed to notice this since getting my pm. Would recalibration of the pm help. I make sure I eat carbs and protein for energy. After playing I sit down and recoup and feel good. Any suggestions?




by Swangirl - 2019-10-26 00:47:19

Good for you that you are maintaining your game at 81!  I'm just 77 but play pickleball and it was the settings that were the problem for me when I became breathless and couldn't complete the play successfully.  Since my cardiologist wired me up on the treadmill and the EP watched my PM, I've become the "bionic woman".  They conferred for almost 30 minutes and made setting adjustments that were almost miraculous.  I am grateful for them, for the device, and for Grace that allows me to keep going.  

PM Recalibration

by Dynnek - 2019-10-26 01:36:33

Thank you for the comments - I will call my cardiologist and ask for an evaluation of the pm calibration. I called the pm maker, Boston Scientific, and they told me  to have the evaluTion also. Thanks again. 

Be The Squeaky Wheel

by Swangirl - 2019-10-27 01:08:44

The very best way for them to make adjustments is with you on the treadmill.  That gives them objective evidence about what your heart is doing.  If you just get the rep to make adjustments in the office it may or may not be right and they have nothing to go on but your subjective reporting.  I was on the treadmill walking up hill wired up and my cardiologist was reporting on what my heart was doing while the EP was on the laptop making adjustments to my PM.  I have an excellent doctor and he took my complaints seriously despite my being an old woman who most people think is in the reclinder knitting and watching Dancing with the Stars and doesn't need a device with rate response and other bells and whistles.  Your rate response may not even be turned on.  It recognizes the rate from upper body movement and foot strikes and keeps it at that level.  You need to be the squeaky wheel.  Something obviously isn't right with your device and you need to get it fixed.  I wish you well.

PM Calibration

by Dynnek - 2019-10-27 05:41:20

i will ask for the stress test on the treadmill - I’ve had the pm for the five months and never had any testing whatever. So thanks for the suggestion. 

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