LIght Therapy Treatment for Psoriasis

At about the time my pacemaker was implanted, I developed a bad flare of psoriasis on my legs and arms. The dermatologist has prescribed UVB Light Therapy 3 times a week - approximately 10 seconds of light per treatment. I know this light is far more intense than a standard tanning bed. Has anyone had experience with this? The dermatologist says that there is no interference between the pacemaker and the therapy, but I'm always a bit skeptical when one specialist talks about how her/his treatment will interact with the treatments prescribed by another. Any thoughts?   


Light fr psoriasis

by donr - 2019-10-27 23:06:15

I suspect no problems for the PM.  El;ectromatn etic energy starts at the very low end 0 jusat a couple cycles per second, & goes up to the frequency of Gamma rays at gazillions of cycles per second.  Sopmeplace in the middle are all the light frequencies that we encounter in our daily lives.  The low end of the spectrum (AM radio), up  through FM radio TV , radar will go through you like you were not even there.  Starting at the very high frequencies used for satellite TV etc, they will not penetrate very deeply into the body (But they can do damahe to you).  Then you get to the Infra red zone.  They barely penetgrate  but do warm you up, potentialy giving you a burn.  Next come the visible spectrum, that does not penetrate at all, stopping at the skin.  THEN into the UV-A&B, which can pehetrate and give you bad burns - like a sunburn.  The therapy he wants to use is in this region. It is controlled & limited - you do not want a UV burn - too much can cause skin cancer.  Then you get into the X-Rays , Gamma rays, & all the hjigh energy from outer spac- gors through you like butter.   Your PM is safe from this stuff - you get it every time you go out in the Sun.  He just wants to use a selected band of the radiation & increase the quantity you get.  It shou;d also be limitd to your feet & that is about as far as you can get from your PM.


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