Defibrillator and ionic foot detox bath

Has anyone with a defibrillator ever used one of the foot detox baths? These are the foot baths with a metal array in the water. I checked with Medtronic, the manufacturer of my pacer, and they recommended that these foot baths not be used, the fear being that the defibrillator would discharge in response to the activity of the metal array.  The rep could not tell me if a defibrillator had discharged when a patient had used the bath.

Thank you.


Thank you

by barbara100 - 2019-10-25 08:38:17

Thank you for your thoughts and advice.

I was hoping to use to see if it might remove some of the ascites. I don't really believe in the necessity of detoxing, but I haven't been able to control the ascites from CHF with standard therapy. 

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