Hi, I'm 22 years old and had my first pacemaker inserted on the 17/10/2019 (less than 1 week ago) 

They have put a clear dressing over the surgical site so I'm able to see the wound. I'm not sure if everyone gets the same or not! 

I've noticed some drainage since the day after my surgery that I did assume was normal but what I'm not sure about is the colour.. 

Its milky white right across the incision and a small separate area that is a tad more yellow 

It has stabilised and hasnt really changed over the last few days. My pain levels are becoming lower with everyday but I'm still paranoid!

The doctors and technician did tell me it was going to look quiet unpleasant and not to worry but I didn't even think to ask what to expect..


Has anyone else had this as well? To put my mind at ease! 


it's probably fine

by Tracey_E - 2019-10-22 09:37:28

It's good to be diligent about signs of infection, but it would be unusual to get infected this soon. Watch for new swelling, red streaks, warm to the touch, fever. When in doubt and to put your mind at rest, ask them to take a quick look at it. 

Thank you!

by Heid-i - 2019-10-22 16:43:05

Thank you for helping me understand the signs of infection! 

If that's the case when I'm sure it's fine as everyday is getting better and better not worse 

My check up is booked for next week to change the dressing and assess the monitor so if everything continues to heal as it is I'm sure I can wait till then to have it looked at 

Thanks again! 

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