BioTronik Edora 8 DR-T

Hello, I got my pacemaker BioTronik Edora DR-T installed about 4 days ago 10/17.  I think they may have some settings messed up.  I have heart block 37yo Male healthy and active.  

Anyway before my resting BPM were 40 - 50 but now post procedure my resting heart rate sits at 80 - 90bpm.  I called the doctor's office and they said the threshold is set to 60bpm.

Also BioTronik uses something called CLS to try and mimic your natural responses to increase heart rates.  The issue is it seems to be triggering an increased heart rate for anything.  For example when I brush my teeth I can feel my heart pounding and it get gets up to 140bpm (upper threshold) for really no reason at times which freaks me out.  I told my cardiologist I would call back on Monday 10/21 but they seem reluctant to make any changes at this time and want it to settle in.  I do not have an appointment for about 10 more days for my follow up but my settings especially for my lower threshold have to be wrong.

If anyone has any advice or knowledge about my issues that would be great. Thanks


Freaking out

by AgentX86 - 2019-10-20 10:49:43

Yeah, you are likely freaking out some about the lower setting. I was normally in the 40s-50s and mine was first set to 80bpm, with a promise to reduce it to 70, then 60 over the next couple of months. He reduced it to.70, then I started having PVCs, so back to 80 it went. I got used to it fast enough.

The sensitivity to motion is something you'll need to work on over the next couple of months. It shouldn't, be as sensitive as you describe but it is strange for a while. Since you have heart block, you're probably well advised


by sk288702 - 2019-10-21 14:55:05

Just got back from the EP office.  They lowered both my volts to each lead and turned off the CLS.  Anecdotally I feel better and the pacemaker is not ramping up my beats everytime I move.  In fact it may now be a little too mellow.  I was set at medium.  There's is a low setting then off.  So I guess we will have to play with it.  Also my pacing is correct even though its high 80-90bpm but Chambers are now firing so it is able to correctly sync which means my normal resting heart rate is actually on the higher end. 


Heart amping up too quickly.

by EdMan57 - 2019-11-10 09:17:25

I had my Meditronic dual lead pacemaker put in on september 25,2019. Before that,I had a triple heart bypass in january,2019,which lead to bradycardia and feeling sluggish. Since my pacemaker,I am experincing stable angina. It seems to be especially bad if I have been sleeping,or have been sedate for a couple of hours. It's like the heart rate ramps up to as much as 100 bpm [pm set to 60 bpm] in a couple of seconds,which triggers the angina. I asked my cardiologist if the pm needs adjusting,to make it not so 'hot'. He's been saying that everything looks 'normal'. It's been frustrating,but the post on here give me hope. Thanks for reading my post. 


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