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I hope all who is reading this is doing and feeling well. How common is perforation of the tricuspid valve occur during a PM implant? I'll be checking back in a day or so for any replies. Thank you for your time.




Very uncommon

by crustyg - 2019-10-19 17:57:37

The tricuspid valve is three soft, flappy pieces of tissue: as the RV is a relatively low pressure driver - it only has to push against the pulmonary circulation in healthy people - the valves aren't thick and heavy in health.

As the RV lead is pushed from atrium to ventricle the valve leaflets move out of the way - they aren't stiff enough to punch a hole through.  Also, the lead is usually inserted with an internal guide wire that keeps the tip curled back so that there isn't a sharp end to the lead as it navigates through your heart.

There might be things to worry about during a first PM+leads implant, but IMHO this isn't one of them.

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