fast heartbeat

Good morning all, I have a pacemaker since mid July 2019 and I have only one concern, I can not have a heart rate that I call regular because when I go up a staircase or I move the slightest, I feel my heart beating a lot faster. and that irritates me. Before, I was very active, but there was not that heartbeat that makes me panic. I have the distinct impression that something is wrong with me. Can it be my lack of training? 

Can someone reassure me? Please.




Fast heart beat

by 10leonard - 2019-10-15 19:07:24

If your PM has the rate response turned on it will increase your heart rate as you climb stairs ...The actual rate and the speed of the increase is controlled by the rate response sensitivity. Both parameters are easily altered by the health professionals when interrogating your PM. It took me well over six months to comfortably live with my device.

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