Pacemaker and Amiodarone

Has anyone hade any experience with Amiodarone after pacemaker implant. I'm a senior cyclist on avarage doing 30 miles twice a week. I've reduced my dose to 100mg a day because of the side effects. I was put on it beacause of atrial fibulation at rest after exercise. I'm wondering with  a three lead implant for heart block has anyone experienced atrial fibulation and exercise.   


AF and pacemaker

by AgentX86 - 2019-10-11 13:12:45

A pacemaker cannot stop AF. A pacemaker can only make the heart go faster. It cannot make it go slower or make it more regular. Ameoderone will slow the heart and make it more regular. The pacemaker can then speed it back up to "normal".

Ameoderone is the most effective of thantiarrhythmic drugs. It's also the most toxic. Thyroid dysfunction is the most common of its serious side effects but it's also toxic to the liver and kidneys. It's not something that you want to be on long term (short term damage to my thyroid after three, six month regimens of it).

Like all antiarrhythmics, ameoderone tends to become less effective over time, sometimes becoming pro-arrhythmic. This whole class of drugs (antiarrhythmics) can be pretty nasty and the more effective, the nastier. Ameoderone is at the top of the heap.

No Experience , BUT...

by donr - 2019-10-12 20:10:23

...I faced it once upon a time.  It is a difficult med to get out of the system.  It is highly soluble in body fat, so they have you take a high dose to start to "Pack" your body fat so it is available in your bloodstream for solving your arrhythmia problems.  That means that your fat is a reservoir of the med.  It has a reported 58 day "half life."  That means it takes 58 days to get half of the available med out of your system.  Cannot recal if it is Kidneys or Liver that detoxifies it.  A rule of thumb is that it takes 5 half lives to reduce a med to being  essentially gone.  As the organs remove it from your blood, the fat continues to replenish the quantity in the blood.  That's nearly 300 days to remove it  from the body.  Don't know what size pill the cartdio wants you to take, but it will take quite a while for you to stabilize at a lower level.    You will have to be patient for effects to change.


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