Possibly a lead problem

Just wondering if anyone has had a constant vibration in the left breast? It's approximately 20 seconds at 1 minute intervals. The vibration is faint and no pain or discomfort. I've made an appointment for a pacemaker check for Tuesday (soonest available). I've had no trauma at the pacemaker area. I have Afib and have had the floppy fish thumping last week. I have good days and some thumping days.


Isn't this a design feature?

by crustyg - 2019-10-10 11:52:25

Fairly sure someone else recently pointed out that some Medtronic PMs will vibrate near the end of battery life as a final warning to get the box changed.

You're 10 years in.  Don't miss that appointment!

I’m having the same problem.

by teetaduffy - 2019-11-09 23:57:02

I am having the same issue.  Just started a few days ago.  If feels like a gentle cell phone vibration under my left breast.  I had to send a report from my Merlin but have not back from my doctor yet.  I have had my St. Jude pacemaker three years now.  What was the outcome of your situation? 

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