Third lead being added

Just wondering if anyone has had a third lead added to their two lead pacemaker at all please and what your experience of this was/is. My Husband is having this procedure on Thursday also a generator change. Thank you. 



Third lead

by AgentX86 - 2019-10-09 08:50:28

What Angy said. I had a CRT-P implanted out of the gate, though only have two leads (no atrial lead). Adding a third lead and a new generator to go with it isn't any worse than the original procedure. The third lead is a little trickier to do and he should have someone who's done many, many, CRT implants. I won't be any harder on him though.

All Done

by Boneysjoint - 2019-10-11 04:30:48

All done, couldn't get the lead through the first vein they tried but managed it with another vein.  It seems as though his A Fib had started up again but hopefully it will settle back down. I am guessing it is all down to the procedure.  Just want him back on his Anticoagulants once he is home tonight. Thank you for you previous replies. 

went from two to three

by dwelch - 2019-10-13 23:41:16

My fourth pacer was removed early and number five is a three lead.  I get "belly bump" sometimes, but not enough to have them change things.  I have to stand and hold my breath just right and get one maybe two hits.  Normally you dont have a lead on that side and when it triggers the heart muscle that signal if strong enough can also cause other muscles to go.  If he is feeling this often or all the time just go in and have them adjust it, otherwise they can tweak as needed over the visits this year.  Other than that and getting a third lead in there on that side it aint no thing.  I was lucky I have four leads on one side, a broken one from my first pacer a replacement for that one and this recent lead to give me three active ones.  All managed to fit, otherwise I would have had to move the whole thing over to the other side or tunnel one over to the right or have the bad one removed.


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