Just went from dual lead for 21 years to a CRT-P. Told I can't play golf for almost four months, perhaps because of incisions on both sides of the chest and third wire funneled horizontally across and down to left ventricle. Any similar experiences? Thanks 


That's the norm

by AgentX86 - 2019-10-06 13:15:54

Those are normal instructions for any new lead. The golf swing is probably the toughest movement possible on the leads. The worry is that the stress will pull the lead out of the heart muscle until it completely scarred over. Be happy your EP didn't say six months.


by Selwyn - 2019-10-07 13:40:02

Please try the search facility on the upper right. No point in waiting for the mountains to come to you when there is plenty of posting of similar experiences.


by ROBO Pop - 2019-10-08 07:30:01

Good comment Selwyn, let's just post a banner that says use the search box to get your questions answered and we can all go home.

My first EP said wait 4 weeks and then if it didn't hurt go for it. My second EP had to install 3 new leads and cross over right to left. Just as an aside Issked about waiting 4 weeks and his response was simply "why" .

Answers are going to vary. You decide how to handle it. Oh and it didn't help my game either way

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