No heart beat at checking resistance

I have a pacemaker due to a complete AV-block which means that I have no own pulse. So, when the doctors check the pacemaker, I feel every little tiny difference in the pulse.

In the past years, when checking the resistance of the signal to the ventriculum, my heart stopped for a few seconds according to the quick reaction of the doctor - when he/she stopped the function, the signal was back again immediatly and my heart kept on beating.

Last August, I got a new pacemaker (DDDR-function). When the doctor checked the resistance, the heart stopped as usual, he stopped the function. But, this time, the pacemaker did not start the signal again at once but after a few seconds, my heart did not beat during that time and I faded out. He repeated the test twice again with the same result. This doctor has also tested my previous pacemaker without these problems. Though my new pacemaker is from another company, I cannot imagine that it is his fault.

Have you experienced any similar? Do you have any explanations or advice for me?



by Latgre - 2007-04-09 01:04:33

so are you saying that your pulse is si low that it is faint? or you have no pulse?

No heart beat

by lenora - 2007-04-10 02:04:41

Elisa, was he testing to see if you have any rhythm on your own? That's called escape rhythm. I don't have any either.

Re: No heart beat at checking resistance

by tigger78 - 2007-04-13 07:04:59

I generally have no pulse, so I faint.

No, it was only to check the resistance of the cable to the heart. As I have a complete AV-block (it was accidentally cut during a heart surgery), I do not have any own pulse.

Thank you both for the questions! :o)
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