Bulging neck vein / jugular vein distention?

Hi all. I have a Medtronic Dual chamber pm for about 3yrs now for Sick sinus syndrome/Bradycardia along with arrythmia. If i bend forward it is asif my chest is squeezed closed and my head feels tight, face goes blood red and my neck veins bulge? Why does this happen, even if i just lean forward for few seconds and also when i lay down my neck veins are very prominent and chest feels heavy too? Sounds weird but it is rather bother to me as I feel like i am being squeezed tight. Hope someone understands. Look forward to a reply. Thanks. 


Superior vena cava syndrome

by Selwyn - 2019-09-25 12:58:03

Most probable.

This may be an after effect of having a pacemaker, which may result in a blood clot and partial obstruction of the venous return to the heart from the upper body.

Other causes are more serious eg. aneurysm, tumour, fibrosis in the area, and large lymph nodes. 

If you have had the problem for years, you are probably safe. If of recent onset, the cause is likely to be serious and you need to seek medical help.

@ Selwyn

by Pacing1 - 2019-09-25 17:12:01

@Selwyn. Thanks for reply, but are you saying I have Superior vena cava syndrome? If you are saying, how do you know that?


Thank you

Superior vena cava syndrome

by Selwyn - 2019-09-26 08:39:09

Most probable does not mean you have this.

Your symptoms fit the symptoms of SVC syndrome.

You have a known risk factor for this,namely a pacemaker.

That is my understanding.

The advice I enclosed is quite specific,I think if it was me I would want to have this investigated to exclude the potentially more serious other medical causes..

You can either seek a further medical opinion or look this subject up yourself- beware if you use the www as it is totally non-selective in what it offers.

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