Vo2 Max test

How many times have you had a Vo2 Max test done?

. I had one years ago and my cardiologist wants me to have another. Not the most pleasanr experience.


Not bad

by Gotrhythm - 2019-09-22 16:11:17

I had to look up VO2 test, but now that you mention it, I think I did. Unfortunately, neither I nor the tester realized that with my pacemaker, my heartrate wasn't going to increase much at all using a stationary bike. I pedeled as much as I could as long as I could, but after a while the tested just called it off. So the results weren't very useful.

However, I don't remember it as being more unpleasant than any other test. I've had worse.

It's recognised to be cruel to some patients

by crustyg - 2019-09-22 17:01:58

I did a Bruce-protocol treadmill early in my journey to a PM - achieved about 70% of expected max HR and was recorded as being in a junctional rhythm, but no action!  But it felt *awful*.  Although the Bruce protocol is deeply unphysiological, many folk still think it's a reasonable proxy for VO2max.  There are *much* better ways to assess VO2max, but they are not usually available outside a proper research lab.

I've come across at least one respected medical author who said that it's recognised that for patients with chronotropic incompetence - can't raise HR properly when needed - any form of maximal effort testing is really quite cruel as it's inevitable that you will push yourself fairly deep into lactate production and it will produce Delayed Onset Muscle Stiffness - worst at 48hrs, which is an inflammatory reaction as you've damaged the muscles.

I declined to do another Bruce test earlier this year - pointless for me.

I would push any of my medical advisors to explain what they thought that the test might show, and *how* it might change my management.  But that's why I chose the handle crusty.  I'm the patient from hell.

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