Seeking Support Group in Ft Worth TX

I live in Ft Worth, funkytown USA, I'm looking for a support group in my city, does anyone now of one. I have a medtronic dual pacemaker that was inserted Feb 5, 07. Just want people in my city that I can get to know. I'm a 39 year old female very active and I feel like when I wear tank tops people see my scare and I get these wiered looks. So I feel I have to explain then I hear Oh your so young, be careful. I don't want peoples pitty I just want to get back to my life.

You know the doctors say it that having a PM wont change your life, I beg to differ, what do you think?


I agree

by lupydupy - 2007-04-24 03:04:58

Hi, this is my first time posting here. I live in Arizona and I got my first pacemakers July 2006 kind of unexpectadly which made me very scared and I was in kind of a shock for a long time. But I agree with you I am very self conscious of my scar. I don't like to wear tank tops or halters either, because I think everyone stares at me. I know its all in my head but that weirdness is still there. I don't think doctors really know how much it actually does change your life unless they actually get one. Yes things go back to normal if you want to say that but the fact of the matter is its a life changing event but we need to make the best of it. I am finally at peace with the pacemaker part of it and you will too. Its the scar that still get to me. Hang in there.

Thought I was trippin

by Latgre - 2007-04-24 09:04:24

I thought I was trippin, its good to know im not alone. You know being a female we are so self contious of our appearance. Most Cardioligist are men so they figure that they are making our quality of life better, and were looking at it from the perspective or at least Im looking at it from a vanity stand point. Please don't get me wrong I'm greatfull, that the technology is available for us, however I think being a girl I just want those girly things. Is there a support group in your area? How young are you? I'm 39 years old. I'll be 40 this year. What type of disorder do you have that caused you to get a pace maker? I have vasalvagal nuerocardiogenic syncope. I have been having syptoms since I was in 1st grade, and didn't realize what it was:(.


by Suze - 2007-04-26 01:04:59

I think people react to OUR attitude regarding our pacemakers. I've had friends tell me a few months after mine was implanted that they no longer felt sorry for me. They were worried at first, but that I have such a good attitude about it that they realize it could be the best thing to happen to me. I have more energy now and take care of myself much better. Of course I was 62 when this happened, so maybe that makes a huge difference. We probably don't wear tanks and swimsuits as often. But I DO wear them once in a while and if someone stares at my scar and bump, I put my hand over it, smile, and say "this is my best friend".

Also my aunt had one for years and lived to be 93, so that made it seem less worrisome to me. She had a great attitude, too!
So hang in there and wear your PM proudly. We don't have much choice, do we?


I'm with you!

by KarenLL - 2007-04-28 02:04:32

I feel the same way. I am 44 and very active. Along with my full time job I teach Group Power (a weight lifting class) 3 or 4 times a week. I got my PM 5 weeks ago and I am going to start back to work next week. My PM rests on a muscle so one side proturdes out of my skin quite a bit. Bras and workout tops "hooked" on the edge of it. I was very concerned that people would look at me as an instructor and be afraid to take my class. But I decieded..."good for me...I'm back teaching again!" If anyone wants to see it I'll show it to them that way I won't be worried about they fact you can see it in my workout clothes. I've come a long way (I have Lupus too) and if it bothers them....they can take someone elses class! It's not going to change my life unless I let it!

Hang in there!

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