Anyone running with a Boston Visionist CRT?

Hi Guys,

Back in May 2019 I got me a new CRT-P pacemaker after some endocarditis.

Boston Visionist. Previous to that I had a dual pacemaker Surscan from Medtronic.

I do a fair bit of running. But I do find that when the heart rate goes into the 140s I feel what I can describe as a flutter and my rate of breathing increases. The breathing effort doesn't match the running effort. This feeling happens no matter how slow I run.

The HR increases but again the breathing is short and fast. Legs and arms can also feel a bit weak. I can slow right down to walking pace but the HR takes a long time to recover. Really the best way to get the HR back to comfortable place is to stop and after maybe 30 seconds all is good.

I’ve been to the pacing clinic and they had made some changes which do delay these feelings. I can run a little faster or longer before reaching the 140+ bpm, but the effects above 140bpm are still there.

Any experiences or suggestions ?





More work to do

by AgentX86 - 2019-09-20 10:47:15

It sounds like your clinic is on the right track but has more work to do. In my experience, the techs don't like to make big changes. They'd rather creep up on the right answer than make large changes. One told me that is they overshoot, it can feel just as bad as not doing enough and it's hard to tell the difference. Many small changes is a better way to optimize settings and changing more than one parameter at a time is a good way to get lost.

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