Hi, I’m due to have a pacemaker inserted under the muscle as apparently I’m too skinny to have it placed in the usual position. Can anyone tell me the recovery differences for this procedure? I’m a secondary school teacher and would also like to know when I can go back to work.




Sub pectoral PM implant

by ar_vin - 2019-09-15 20:57:28

This is a pretty common placement for a PM and in fact I requested it as I'm a backpacker and didn't want the pack straps rubbing against the PM.

My recovery from the procedure was pretty unremarkable even though I was cautioned by my EP that the sub-pectoral placement might mean a more painful and longer recovery. I was obviously in some pain the day and night of the procedure but didn't feel the need to take pain medications. I was back to most normal daily living activities within two days except I didn't drive for a week. There are also restrictions on picking up heavy objects for a few weeks and lifting the affected arm too much.

I also started walking 3-4 miles every day two days after the procedure which helped me feel much better.

The soreness around the implant site took about a week to subside but other pain sensations lasted for a few weeks.

You should be able to return to most activities within a week or two.


Too skinny?

by Pacedmyruns - 2019-09-16 02:48:23

I wouldn’t say it’s because Your too skinny it’s where the doc is placing it. Mine is low right above my boob under a good amount of tissue. Not under the muscle. I’m skinny and you can’t see mine. Unless he’s using a bigger pacer. I have one of the smallest on the market. He can place is lower to hide it under the skin. I’m very active and young my doc felt those 2 reasons were good enough to not put under the muscle. 

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