Pain in chest bone

Can anyone comment on the following. I've had a PM for 6 months and only recently have been experiencing intermittent pain in my chest bone area near the PM. I exercise daily but don't experience the pain much when I working out. Anyone's input would be appreciated.



Me too

by AgentX86 - 2019-09-13 08:43:36

I get a full ache on the left side of me chest too, particularly after exercise. Actually, I've had it since my CABG but the PM moved it further left. I think it's just muscles complaining about being insulted. None of my doctors seem to be concerned so I try to ignore it. Massaging the area helps but it freaks out my wife. She thinks I'm having (cardiac) chest pains, which I've never had. Changes in weather don't help, either.

Do you mean pain around your Sternum?

by FirstDuely - 2019-09-16 16:28:32

I've had 9-10 pacemakers of various brands over the course of 33 years.  I'm 69 and got my first when 36.  I am 100% paced now due to Bradycardia, AV block.  So I think I've experienced lots of different pains, both physical and psychological.  I would ask if you meant your sternum which is center of chest and has muscles attached to it.  I regularly do lifting (yardwork sucks) and about a day later experience pain in the muscles attached to the sternum.  I complain to my wife (no longer helps much) and she will ask what I did yesterday.  Duh!!  So maybe Tylenol or whatever for pain.  And go on about the business of enjoying life to the fullest...while we still can.  

Oh, by the way.  The pacer is like "Heart Insurance".  We pacer peeps have a bit of an advantage over those who don't.  I've had several good friends just drop dead of heart failure including my wife's dear Mother.  I always am thankful I am able to amble about the planet and enjoy my family and friends and activities.  

I also do lots of cycling with a goal of 100-150 per week depending.  Staying active is the key to everyone living long lives.  And I agree with AgentX above.

Gary in Hemet, CA

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