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I am getting my pacemaker tomorrow.  This is all new to me.  Can I expect to feel differently almost immediately.  I feel a little tired all the time and cannot excercise strenuously as my heart rate does not stay up with my level of exersion.   I'll find out soon enough but was thought I'd ask.  Thanks for any replies. 


Post PM

by ar_vin - 2019-09-09 16:20:59

Welcome to the PM club!

First, please complete your profile and/or provide some information about why you're a candidate for a PM.

Depending on your condition you could feel much better immediately after the implant. Of course you'll be in some pain from the procedure for several days and you'll have some restrictions on activities and movements for several weeks post procedure.

For example if your diagnosis is "sick sinus syndrome" once the PM is in place your heart rate (depending on settings) should be "normalized" and you'll likely feel much better.

But PMs are impanted for a wide range of conditions; some of these might be immdiately resolved, others might take further adjustment of PM settings which can potentially take several months and several visits to the PM clinic.


pacemaker surgery

by Dh13 - 2019-09-09 16:56:09

I have a right bundle branch block.  I was having problems running where I would get short of breath and I would stop and then start running again.  I had a stress test and my heart rate will go up and then start to drop as my level of exertion increases.  I have had a heart cat, an MRI.  Seems my issues are electrical.  Also did genetic testing that was inconclusive.  I've always been fairly active.  I do not have any other health issues.  No diabetes, no high blood pressure or cholesterol.  I'm hoping this fixes me up so I can get back to being more active.  I am in my mid fifties.  I was still playing ice hockey weekly and soccer occasionally.  I was not ready to stop.

Better? maybe

by Gotrhythm - 2019-09-09 17:30:06

The answer to your question is yes--maybe.

As Ar_vin says, there are too many variables to predict how you will feel. Overall health, age, and co-existing heart conditions and attitude will all make a difference.

Not very helpful, I know. Still, If what's been causing your symptoms is a slow heartrate and chrontropic incompetence (fancy words for hearts that don't speed up when you need them to) you'll probably feel better. If you are relatively young,, under 60,  or typically very active, you might need slightly different settings. But that's something to deal with down the road.

 You need to remember, millions of people have pacemakers and get along fine, and feel the pacemaker improves their quality of life. Why shouldn't you expect to do at least as well?

Seems likely that you *will* notice an improvement very quickly

by crustyg - 2019-09-09 17:36:11

If you have 'chronotropic incompetence' - your HR doesn't increase as it needs to or won't stay up as required, then chances are that you will definitely notice some improvement immediately.  But even a very low heart rate brought up to something more sensible can make a very pleasant change.  I went from 35 kicks in the chest every minute (a real nuisance trying to sleep on my left side) to 50 gentle beats every minute, much smoother and quieter.

Be prepared to ask for a tuning session for your PM - getting the various response factors tuned for you, your activity levels and types of exercise is a highly individual process, and without actually having a fairly formal tuning session it could take you months or years to reach the best settings for you.  A well run tuning session could get you close to optimum in one go.

They will probably not want to do this until at least four weeks have elapsed from implantation - gives the leads a decent chance to bed in (grow some fibrous tissue around where they connect to your heart muscle), gives your pacemaker pocket time to settle down and your skin sutures to be really well healed etc.

Best of luck.  I hope you're having the optimum PM implanted for your needs...

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