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Hi today did finally drive.  The airbag was not my concern.  I have a right shoulder that either should be replaced, or have bone graft.  I have Avascular Necrosis in it.    For the past 6 months my left arm was doing all.  Which is one of the reasons i did not drive sooner.  Needed to be able to use the left one some.    Which i did , of course could not figure where to place the seatbelt,  let alone how to attach the belt.  Now as i get in grab the belt with my left and hold until i get it to reach and attach.  Of course the reverse is easier.

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Seat belt

by AgentX86 - 2019-09-07 19:19:04

That's sure a dilemma. "Which shoulder do I insult."

It won't help answer that question but I found that one of the sheepskin shoulder harnesses covers worked very well. I adjust it s it so it rides just to the right of my pacemaker, lifting the strap and clearing the PM. It still sits on my sternum, which ican still get angry from my CABG. After more than 18 months I still use it the belt cover.

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