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I am new to this scene kids. (lost & frigthened). A recent ear/sinus upper respiratory infection on top of a high stress job exhausted me. Popped into visit my primary fully anticipating another round of antibiotics and some bloodwork. The universe had something completely different in mind. 

Six days in ICU and 12 million tests later I have a new ride or die. The Azure XT DR dual chamber pacemaker we named Kevin Pacey.  My heart is heart attack, scarring/damage or clogged arteries. The electrical system quit and they don't know why. 

I need to get back on a path and figure out my new normal 🔌



by Mrclassy - 2019-09-03 11:14:33

Welcome to the club, Love the nick name you gave  your pacemaker lol Feel free to vent on here as we all do and try to help eachother out!


by Tracey_E - 2019-09-03 17:34:48

Most of us are otherwise healthy and have no idea why our electrical system crapped out. Frustrating, but know that it's pretty common so you are not alone. Most of us find that we heal and get on with our lives, giving it very little thought. That may sound impossible right now, but it's true. Your new normal can be very very similar to your old normal, biggest difference is the pacer will kick in when your heart gets wonky. 


by pacergirl - 2019-09-03 20:51:42

I love the name, love the way you write and wow I can say this... "I never saw what happened to me coming". I've been 85% battery operated since 2005! Now, I'm a totally 100% battery operated lady. hahahaha. It took me some time to understand that I was entering a new world, a world where I was no longer tired, a world where I could actually think clearly and a world where I was not going to collapse. I'm now doing just fine, but it did take some time. I'm on my 3rd pacemaker now.  Welcome to a whole new wonderful way of living. I forget that I have a PM most of the time.

It Will Get Better

by Marybird - 2019-09-07 13:34:37

Seems to me that your sense of humor will help a lot in gaining the new perspective you need in embracing your new "Batteries Included" way of life.

Love your "screen name" and pacer name! 

Best of luck and welcome! 


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