Today is one week after receiving CRT-P device.  

Before surgery, the surgeon told us his plans

- remove and replace lead in right ventricle that I had for 20 months, apparently it was not where it started and had been that way for a while 

- use balloon to widen my vein so 3 leads could fit

-  new lead to left ventricle and new device.

When I got my first device I found it a painful procedure and had a lot of swelling and bruising, not the “you can go to work the next day” scenario at all, unless you work as a mattress tester. I was in hospital for 3 days after.

This time I explained beforehand about the pain during procedure and was assured it would not happen, and it did not, was 2 hours and I was comfortable all through.  I would have been out of hospital in 8 hours but I ended up fainting during visit to x-ray department, so then they gave me a shot of gravol that slowed me down quite a bit.  I was out after 10 hours though and had a nice evening and a good sleep.

Next day went back to Pacemaker Clinic for settings and interrogation,  That was three hours, 3 ECG’s and another x-ray (same nice young man that had held the puke bowl for me the day before).  Was decided that LV lead had already moved but not to worry because still had 3 of 4 capture points to work with.  All good, took Tylenol for pain for first 3 days, but swelling and bruising is minimal.  I did get nicked at some point because my left breast was pooling blood which is not a pretty site (gravity, was the obvious place to go). It has not got worse for a couple of days, no pain or heat, and is starting to clear.

We spent a couple of recovery days in Airbnb, on the edge of ocean, people watching and waiting for the big cruise ships 🛳 to dock right in front of us.  Kept my husband very entertained - he loves big machines.

Today, at one week, I am feeling good.  Have to keep reminding myself to take it easy and don’t worry about housework to much yet.  I am still noticing PVC’s, not as many or as big a kick as before, and heart rate is still going up and down for no reason but not all day just occasionally.  EP told me it will not change overnight might be a few months of heart and body adjusting to change.  Will see Cardiologist in 6 more weeks, check EF which I would really like to see come up but it is what it is.

I did get the most information on the cause of my heart failure than anyone has wanted to commit to before.  Was told by surgeon after implant that since they cannot find another cause or reason for damage that they are left with my Lupus.  To confirm 100% would be an invasive procedure that would not change treatment so we carry on.  I know I have Lupus, of course organs can be damaged, but I thought I would have noticed something like that.  It shows on the outside but you can’t see what is going on inside.

OK I am done, very happy with how easy this past week has been.

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