how i got here

hi am very new to this as have just had the pacemaker  installed on Aug 21st,2019.  Needless to say was not aware of any problems.  Knew for years that heart beat was slow.  Was going for shoulder replacement and the doctor required a stress test 30 days before.  Decided since no pain yet cancelled shoulder  surgery.  Heart dr said since have not seen him since 2016 should have echo, heart holter and stress test.  Expected to ge the results on Aug 27,2019.  Was contacted on Fri Aug 16.  was told needed pacemaker.  Heart beat was slow and fast and with pauses.  I have not been having any of the problems that have been mentioned.  I did find this site shortly after and read before surgery.  I of course thought  this would help the problems that i needed the answers to.  Which i will now ask the cardilogist when i see him on Aug.27th for other  results of the tests and now check up.

Was told i can drive, but my car door is heavy to push.   Have signed up with local county bus service door to door.   Dressing as been interesting as for the past 2 years left arm went last and wiggled into sleeve.  Now it is first or not al all. With blouse sleeve over sling. 

Had rebagged the veggies i eat as lifting  hot dish out of microwave with one hand impossible.  Will use a friend to help me shop than have her cut up and cook something on stove for me.

  Are their any other suggestions for me.   Do have my arm out of sling while typeing this on my laptop.  Arm is resting on arm of chair.


how i got here

by new to pace.... - 2019-08-24 12:46:01

do take out of sling, as was told need to move the arm and hand so as not to get a frozen shoulder or elbow.  to wear as reminder not to raise arm above shoulder.  some how i think each dr does it differently. Tomorrow sunday will be the first time to shower wash my hair thinking i should take it within 2 hours of taking pain(turmeric) supplement. Hopefully no pain in my righ shoulder..  


by AgentX86 - 2019-08-24 13:27:27

The use of a sling for more than an hour, or so, at at time is ill advised.  As others have noted, this is a sure recipe for a frozen shoulder.  If you think PM surgery was painful, you ain't seen notin' yet.  Keep that arm moving.  You don't want to reach above the shoulder, extend your arm out in front, or put your hand behind your back for a few weeks but other than that you should use your arm to its fullest.  If you do reach for something that you shouldn't, well, we've all done it.  You'll survive.  You're going to wish you hadn't immobilized it, though.

All that said, I did use a sling for the first week only to get my walking in.  I walk a lot and the weight of my hand/arm caused a lot of pain when I walked.  The sling helped a lot but I took it off immediately when I was done walking and went back to using my left arm.

As the others ( and my cardiologist ) said ....

by IAN MC - 2019-08-24 14:47:04

 " Whatever you do, don't use a sling. It is totally unnecessary and can be harmful "

Welcome to the club !





Turmeric is NOT a pain supplement

by ar_vin - 2019-08-24 20:14:01

I wonder why you're taking turmeric.

No one needs to take turmeric supplement. Fine to add it as a spice to your food in small quantities but unfortunately massive doses of turmeric (in the form of supplement) can have dangerous interactions with some prescription medications.



by AgentX86 - 2019-08-24 22:23:43

My cardiologist prescribed turmeric as an anti-inflamitory.  I challenged him based on the interaction with Eliquis but his response was "What, you don't think any Indians have Afib?"  I don't know that it helps much but I don't seem to use as much ibuprofen (never constant use and never more than once a day).

turmeric and sling

by new to pace.... - 2019-08-25 13:13:52

Thanks to all for your good feedback. 

At my age having the sling over my left arm is a good reminder not to raise it.  Also when i go out will wear it so no one bumps my arm.  And i do not use it getting in and out of shuttle bus.  Right now typing this my arm is not glued to the sling but near my left elbow.  

 The  Turmeric supplement I use also contains Curcumin etc. Which also  is anti-inflamitory  and blood thinner.

   Took  first shower could not get the yellow stains off, why because could not get right arm(shoulder) near left shoulder and of course not to move left to the right.  Drying was a little hard for  the same reasons. Walked around till dry.  Did notice that my left armpit is quite swollens.  All that i have been reading as this usually is closer to the collar bone.  Mine does not seem to be, but closer to the armpit. 

New to Pace

by Heartthrob - 2019-08-26 12:24:23

Hi new to pace!

Welcome to the club.

I did wear a sling (further explanation below) to sleep at instruction of a capable and well-respected young electrophysiologist. I did it for six weeks and my shoulder was fine.

That said, there's a BIG catch.

What began with a confining medical sling became an improvised sling... 

A good friend, capable with sewing, attached a small fingerless glove with a foot-long string rope attached to a thin waist belt and at night I'd wear the belt and slip my left hand into the glove which moved easily in all directions and also elevated, without it elevating over my head.

The point was, I was told, to keep that arm lower than the shoulder (otherwise I would have routinely flung my arm up during sleep) yet my arm was never confined by my friend's sling.

Everyone has their own opinions about slings; I'm no expert in any way. Maybe the prevailing viewpoint now is to forget about slings. I'm pretty compliant to doctors I trust.

The sling that was provided to me at the hospital never worked well anyhow. My friend's did the job, I had no hint of frozen shoulder, and I told her she could be a millionaire if she'd patent it. 




by new to pace.... - 2019-08-27 14:46:54

want to thank everyone for there construtive comments to me.  Has really helped me to be more relaxed with this new way of life.

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