Interference restaurant pagers

I was surprised that I had a strong reaction to the resturant pager that alerts you when your meal is ready for collection at a resturant. It was near my chest when it went off and I had instant symptoms. I wonder if anyone has had strong reactions to anything unexpected like this?



by a_model - 2019-08-17 13:00:26


I have felt that ”feeling” or experience, to. For me it is like you enter a magnetic field. Like your body and the electric equipment pulling the affected parts of your body towards the machine or in this case a restaurant pager, when the sensations appear in your body. Sometimes you can feel it stronger sometimes weaker. It depends on your daily fitness and off course how strong the magnetic field is.

The reason in this particular case, with the restaurant pager. Is because they use an technique called RFID, Radio Frequency Identification. The FDA created some reports about this technique and how it affects our bodies. “We the people with a PM system implanted”. Not normal people! And there are also some other research papers about it. A lot of reading on the internet, so to speak..

Here is an example:

A good thing to know is. That RFID is used a lot in our “modern” society. And a lot of our daily devises It can be an passive or active technique. When you use a “tag” (often plastic round thing, used instead of a metal key) to enter your door to the apartment building. Or a card to pay for the buss ride. Those are example of passive RFID. A reader sends the current to the chip in the tag or card. And that’s enough current for the chip (a small computer) to boot up and sends some information back to the reader. So that the door get open.

You find the active technique at the super markets, if they got the scanner system. Then there are a battery inside the scanner and all the information handling gets processed inside the scanner..

I did some extra work for a furniture company during the spring. And they use these RFID scanners in the daily work to know where to put the new furniture’s and boxes in their big stocks. The whole time during the shift, I felt this magnetic field. And that was not a nice feeling. You get tension headache and abnormal tension in your chest. So I started to look it up and. Baam there it is all over the internet, the information about RFID scanners and pacemakers. If I did put away the scanner the sensation decreased.

And I did get a special pocket for the field to get smaller from the scanner. But it did not take away it all.

Thank you for your questioning. And in a good way, I am glad that I am not alone to have this weird sensation. But feel sorry for you that you need to go true this crap to have a “normal” life. Hope you all the best!

Surprise, Surprise!

by AgentX86 - 2019-08-18 00:00:18

Restaurant pagers have fairly strong motors in them to create the "buzz" (haptics).  It's entirely possible that the magnetic field from the motor upset your PM.  There's a reason we're told to keep magnetic fields away from our PMs.



by Tracey_E - 2019-08-18 08:34:30

Rule of thumb is keep anything questionable at least 6 inches from our device. I've never had trouble with restaurant pagers or anything else rfid, but that's the simple solution. It has to be very close to affect it.


by ROBO Pop - 2019-08-18 22:46:25

Stories like this are how urban legends, which are usually false, are born. Simple, note the date and time of an "episode" then have your Dr check your interrogation. If there was interference it'll show up. Guaranteed you didn't have a problem

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