20% COPAY with medicare advantage plan- HELP

Furious and worried. I'm not sure which of these is worse for me right now.


After 4 years, both of my leads have failed. 

I'm on medicare advantage with no other insurance. 

it will be a complicated surgery to remove and replace both leads, and the doc wants to also replace the PM.

I have not been able to get a cost estimate of the surgery and equipment from anyone. Not Humana, not the hospital, not the doctors.

I live in Nevada. Can someone please let me know what their cost was if the circumstances are similar? I don't hink I can afford to have this surgery done.

Thank you 





Thank you all

by chunt - 2019-08-13 21:52:04

I'm so dismayed. 

Find out your deductible

by cedric1 - 2019-08-15 17:48:39

While Medicare pays 80 percent of approved charges, 20 percent could be substantial.  With your Medicare Advantage Plan there is an annual out of pocket limit.  This is the important part.  If your annual out of pocket maximum is say $4000(example), then you would be responsible up to that point and the Medicare Advantage Plan would pay any difference, so in the example, your out of pocket costs would not exceed $4000.

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