Truble with social media accounts??? Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, Kik, Snapchat, Gmail, Tinder etc...


I have had my PM for 11 years now. And experienced a lot of electric magnetic interference and magnetic resonance. After adjusting the settings for the PM, from unipolar to bipolar, a lot of my physical problems such as tension headaches, fatigue and sleeping troubles has ended. And I am extremely grateful for that. And also since my proplems lasted in 7 years!!!

Now I have another problem. I feeling a lot of tiredness/fatigue after I have register a new acount on any digital social network aka. any of these for example Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, Kik, Snapchat, Gmail, Tinder etc. It dosent mather if I go via an app on the phone or by the computer.

And experience a normal healthy condition whith normal energy levels when I remove the accounts.

Does anyone else have these troubles or recognize the conditions? I would be really happy if anyone could give som value inputs on this and how to solve the problems!!

My explanation or what I personaly think is the cause is that the PM is to sensitive. So does any one have experience of a to sensitive PM?

Please give som value inputs. This puts me in total cut off from all digital network solutions. And I miss out a lot of opportunitys to make new friends and meeting people :(



well duh...

by ROBO Pop - 2019-08-07 13:07:14

Of course the social media apps are causing your problems. Do you not realize they monitor and communicate with your device?

Rest easy, there's a simple fix. Using cooking oil, I highly recommend olive oil, smear it liberally all over your implant site and across your chest. Improves contact. Then using sheets of aluminium foil, wrap it around your upper torso using care to ensure you cover the implant site with at least 3 layers. I strongly recommend Reynolds Wrap heavy duty. Don't use cheap stuff, you'll regret.

Then undress and circle around the outside of your home 10 times counter clockwise while reciting religous passages.

Rest assured  if you follow this instruction the police will get you all the help you need with your problem.

All kidding aside

by Gotrhythm - 2019-08-07 14:48:46

ROBO Pop with his ususal irreverance is kidding....Very funny, ROBO.

But...okay, now I have to ask. Are you being serious?

I'll admit, many apps defeat me--some even before I manage to download them. I know what you mean about them making me tired.

But I've never thought it had anything to do with my pacemaker. .

I agree with Robo Pop

by LondonAndy - 2019-08-07 16:28:03

The best cure

"Life is too important to be taken seriously..."

by a_model - 2019-08-10 07:55:39

Hm.. I realize I need to be more specific haha

But yeah, I am serious.

Im not aming on the social aspects about theese apps, nor the challange to set them up and use them as a user.

Im wondering simply, if any one have experienced a difference in "enegy levels" in your body and especially in your head and chest. Between the time when you have them installed, set up an accout and use them. To when you end the account and stop using them? And I mean it should be a noticeable difference. Becuase for me is like "turn off and on a lamp". I can also see the effect fysically. I wourkout a couple times in a week. And my body gets really thin and my mouscles decomposes in a faster rate then before. When I have an account registered.

This may sounds strange, but I am open minded and just want to understand what the cause can be. I was at the hospital in the beginning of this summer for two examination whith 6 days appart between them. So the first was at an thursday and the second on a tuesday the next week. 

At the first examination my top mean value for the T-wave(EKG) was only 1mV. And my PM sensing setting is at 1mV wich is a verry low value and correlates with my messured EKG top mean T-wave value. I think you can set the sensing setting to 0.5mV also on my model as the lowest value. So mine is werry low.

And the lower value you got on the sensing. The more sensitive the PM gets for sorunding elctronics. Witch is equal to if you have it set to an higher value. I think you can go all the way up to 20mV as max in sensing setting. If you do that the PM act on your normal heart volt levels and start pacing you. It do that of course even if you set it to the mean top value on your P- and T-waves. So the recommendation from the manufacters is that the sensing level should be half of the top mean value on T-, P-waves. So if your top mean value is 7mV. Your sensing level should be at 3.5mV. But it also differ if you have it in unipolar or bipolar setting.

So when I was at the first examination my setting was low and my top mean value was also low. And you could see on the EKG chart that the PM was pacing every forth or fifth heart pulse/beat. My normal pulses on the chart was red with an S under it and look all the same in amplitude and time. Witch is the parameters the chart is displaying and mesure in volt.. (milli volt!) :). But when the PM was going in. The curve went green with a P under it instad of an S. So it was red-pulse, red-pulse, red-pulse, and sudenly a green-pulse on the display. And it continued to display these green-pulses each 4 th or 5 ft pulse. So quite often if you think how many pulses you got in one minute... An as I say, werry sensitive. 

Anyway, when the PM was pacing. The EKG curve was higher in amplitude aka. higher mesured volt and longer in time. So I did get higher tension in volt, in my human bodys system, for a longer time/period then when my normal heart is working. AND since my heart sinus node and AV-node deliver voltage and the PM adding voltage, when these green pulses appeard. The voltage is higher. And the normal voltage levels in the human cells is between 25 - 70mV. It gets a really high value. And I dont think that is healty in the long run. I think you get tierd of that...

And when I was back at my next examination. I had made an difference. I had turned of an server on my job laptop that I have with me during both examinations. And when the EKG was set up and start mesured. None green curves displayed. And my top mean T-wave value(atrial curve value) had rice up to 3mV, yay. And I never have my mobile phone on becouse.. I get tierd when it is on :(

So.. that's why I am wondering if anyone have any experiences with a PM that is set to a low value for the sensing setting???

I would be really happy if anyone have any valuable information to chare.

Hope you all, that is reading this have a good day! :)



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