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I have been diagonised with sinus bradycardia and have had 3 fainting episodes in the past 10months. Cardiologists analysis of my result and condition consistently states that the need for a pacemaker is trigered. However, i am scared of taking the operation in my country of residence to avoid complications.


Ill appreciate if anyone can assit with a link to an hospital in the UK that can provide cost indication for the procedure (all accompanying costs) to enable me asses my options.


I look forward your responses.





by IAN MC - 2019-08-02 09:21:45

I am sorry that you do not have enough confidence in the Nigerian healthcare system to consider having a pacemaker implant done there.

I am in the UK and had exactly the same symptoms as yourself . A pacemaker solved the problem . I now no longer have bradycardia.

I guess you would want to go somewhere fairly near to Heathrow airport . Obviously London has lots of world-famous cardiology units but having a PM fitted is really a fairly simple procedure so there is no need to go to one of the top ( expensive ! ) centres.

I live about a 20 minute drive from the airport and used a Dr in the Windsor Cardiology Group . The treatment I received was excellent but, being a UK resident, I used our National Health Service and did not have to pay.

As you need  to go privately I recommend that you contact :-  and they will give you the full costs for the procedure.

If you decide to go ahead I will happily give you the name of the cardiologist who fitted my pacemaker.

Once you have a pacemaker, you will need possible adjustments to the setttings and yearly check-ups so you need to explore if these are available near to where you live.

Best of luck



Private PM

by Selwyn - 2019-08-02 09:25:01

I attend Liverpool Heart and Chest hospital. It is classified as outstanding (CCQ).It has a very smooth procedure. It has private facilities .

Costings from

also see their web site.

I suspect Liverpool will be cheaper than London.


Thanks Ian and Selwyn

by La Mosh - 2019-08-03 13:54:49

Hi Ian and Selwyn,


Ill do as advised. Definately as mentioned by Ian, I will favour an hospital around London Preferably close to the Heathrow Airport. Although, ill admit that the price being offered at Liverpool, if cheaper, can swing my decision.

Onr more question tho. Ian, like how long does it take to make adjustments to the settings.


Thanks once again.



Pacemaker Adjustments

by IAN MC - 2019-08-04 07:43:04

Hi Moshood     In an ideal world you would have a pacemaker fitted and then drive off into the sunset , bradycardia-free for the rest of time. Unfortunately life isn't like that :-

-  The " straight from the box" settings may not be right for you , also  your health, lifestyle, medications etc can change over time

- This means that the PM has to be programmed to match your needs and we are all different. Not only do you need  be free of bradycardia but you also need to be symptom-free particularly when you exercise.

- The first follow-up appointment is usually after about a month when the state of the wound  will also be examined.  Eventually the appointments decrease to one or two a year. Each adjustment session lasts about  20 mins and involves having a magnet placed directly over the pacemaker .. This magnet is connnected directly to a special type of computer which  a technician / Dr adjusts to meet your requirements.

- Various parameters are adjusted including maximum and minimum heart-rates , sensitivity and voltage needed to generate heart-beats etc.  The voltage chosen is a balance between that necesssary to do the job and  the likely life of the battery.  When the batttery expires ( usually 7 to 10 years ) the complete pacemaker box is replaced

I am sure that there will be arrangements in the Cardiology units of some of the larger Nigerian hospitals  to have these follow-up adjustments done but it is something you need to explore.


Hi Ian

by La Mosh - 2019-08-20 19:27:48

Hi Ian, i have tried several to get the Windsor Cardiology Group through the contatc details on their website and have so far not gotten any response from them.

Kindly help with details of the Doctor who took charge of your procedure to enable me angage directly.

Thanks for the usual response.

Hi Ian

by La Mosh - 2019-09-16 11:06:23

Hi Ian, I still await your response to my comment above. Kindly assist with contact details of your Doctor at Winsdor Cadiologists 

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