Hi All I had my PM fitted on the 22nd and also ILR removed The pacemaker was fitted due to a 6 second stop but I also suffer AF , I was given GA as my anxiety levels are not good .  When I came round the pain going down my arm was excruciating and nothing they gave me touched the pain this continued for a few days and finally started to settle. Its like nerve pain its horrible.  I thought I was out of the woods by Thursday 3 days after the opp and didnt feel I needed the pain killers so didn t take them , by friday morning I was experiencing AF and fast beats which in turn started a pain in my heart with each beat with short breaks between the little runs .  I ended up in hospital where I was given pain relief and 11 hours later sent home ,  I can only assume that I should not have stopped the pain relief although they were concerned that the wire may have gone too far into the heart muscle but this has not been confirmed as they had no one qualified to look at the x rays . So i am not having a good time of this i was hoping to feel much better .

So my questions are...  Is this normal to get all this nerve pain as I still have it tingling under my arm and at the site , if I touch it  it tingles .

Also when should I be stopping the pain relief as I would have thought I could have done that by now .  thank you in advance 



Not much of an answer

by Gotrhythm - 2019-08-02 15:22:45

I'm not a cardiologist, but to my knowledge, it isn't common to experience nerve pain or arm-tingling as a consequence of pacemaker implantation. I certainly don't know enough to guess what the cause might be.

Your doctor is the best person to advise you on how long to continue pain meds.

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I, too, am feeling tons better since my implant.