Daily sensations from my Pacemaker

At the age of 69, I had a Biotronik dual chamber Pacemaker implanted about 10 months ago. Every night at around 11.00pm, I feel a sensation in the region of my Pacemaker which lasts for about 5 seconds. The Pacing technician at my hospital advised that this is most likely to be the pre-programmed impedence testing by the Pacemaker. He said not all Pacemaker receipients feel the daily test. 

Has anyone else experieced this sensation and if so can they share their understanding of what I am experiencing. Many thanks Brett Hutton  Painswick UK




by AgentX86 - 2019-07-19 10:54:30

My guess is that you're feeling the preprogrammed impedance testing. The pacemaker is calibrating itself. You can have it turned off if it's too bothersome.

Pacemaker Sensations

by bretthutton - 2019-07-20 19:07:45

Thank you for the feedback. Much appreciated. I am due to have my first annual Pacemaker check up in 2 months. I will update this post with any additional feedback I get from the Hospital technicians.

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