So had my pacemaker put in 2019 of end of March had to go back and change setting a few times even did tredmail test wich was the last time it chcanged ok so long story short when I have sex or self pleasure my hart rate switches to really fast like 106 when I was like at 70/80 if I keep going I feel strange and as it starts racing it has skips but still racing fast  it’s not only sex but working out this can happen to idk if this is rate response that needs to still be adjusted or what, also it makes me want to stop having sex and working out cuz it feels strange idk like something off be for I my heart would slow down and pause why I have pacer now dose it take long to get use to pacemaker it’s been a few months and I’m still lot use to it I know this is my new normal but idk I’ve told them about this and they said beta blockers which I’m putting on hold cuz I need to lose weight and wondinfif weight can be playing a factor and side not besides just sex this the second time this is happening to me but besides the sex and working out it last for about a week and it gets fast if I get nervous or scared to over things I’m not I’m lot even usually scared of side not after it fades I’m able to do those things again idk I’m just confused and lost  I feel like I need more test on why it’s doing this they claim it’s not the pacer but then I hear other people and say they found out the setting where wrong again so idk they just give me a pill that o truly don’t want to be on also heard that people with my problem can develop a really fast heart beat later on so idk 


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