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Hi everyone~ I have posted before but now am under a different name due to the changes on the site. I'm wondering-how long does it take to feel better? Had my 1st PM put in on 12/28/06 and felt very tired to begin with and have been feeling more energenic but at times still get very tired. All my PM checks have been good so I don't think there is a problem there. Am I just hoping to recover faster than what it really takes. Can finally walk on the treadmill 20 minutes at a slow pace but still want more energy. I think I should have more only being 35. I have also had a heart attack 4 years ago and many stents and restenosis and to many angiograms to count. I have the PM from second degree type 2 block and have taken Toprol XL 75mg twice a day for years due to fast heartrate~ I know that everyone is different but how long did it take others to feel "normal" again..also have had kidney/pancreas transplants a few years ago.. I do feel very blessed to have this awesome little machine to help me have a better life but just feel discourageed at times at how long it is taking...thanks for any opinions you may have for me!!


tired and anxious

by randrews - 2007-04-02 11:04:23

Hi Blessed,
I recieved my pm 2 weeks ago. I had been running alot and then when I was home I passed out in bed. 2 days later they put the pm in. Everyone told me I would feel great immediatly but I didn't. For several days I was fatigued and anxious and panicy. I'm on paxil now. I have also learned from this site that we all are different and we heal at different rates. 20 minutes on the treadmill is nothing to sneeze at. I'm back at work now and running again but when I'm not running I still don't really feel right. I hope you find the answers your looking for
Take care,

Hello Blessed

by Christmmpace - 2007-04-02 12:04:43

When I got my PM I also was placed on Toprol 50 mg's XL. I've taken this medicine for about five years. It's took me about one year to get back to normal. Don't be discourage, things will get better in time. If your walking for 20 minutes be pleased with yourself for many people have a hard time just getting up or moving around. I really feel your going to be okay. The worst things sometimes comes out through the way we think and respond to feeling that we have in our bodies. Keep in mind not all the feelings we get comes from our heart condition. You have to take care of your whole being and treat your body with care. I'm hoping for a faster recovery for you, but most importantly take one step at a time and you'll see yourself feeling a lot better very soon. May the hand of the Lord keep you safe and bring you comfort. God bless you my friend.



by ela-girl - 2007-04-03 12:04:00

Hi there! Maybe I'm a dork because I don't know if you're a guy or girl, but the Toprol has very different effects on people based on gender. I had my 1st pm implanted in 10/06 and am 29 years old. Took me awhile to get back to sorts. I thought I'd immediately feel all energetic and stuff but didn't. I thought I was supposed to so I was bummed. I did notice over a few weeks, though, that I was taking fewer naps. I've been on Toprol XL 50 mg a day for at least 4 years now. In January, I was in to my EP's office and asked about the Toprol because I have been more energetic since the pm but definitely dragging still. I take the Toprol because it's a beta blocker. He said it's true that the person on the Toprol was not going to be the one to win the marathon but that I am probably just tired most days because, like most people, I had a long day. (I'm a teacher). He gave me the explanation of how Toprol doesn't really affect women the same way as men (as far as tiredness). I couldn't for the life of me re-explain that here. But at the time I understood and it made sense. Anyways...I would ask your doc. No sense in feeling crappy if you don't have to or if something works better for you!

Hang in does get better!
Happy pacing-


by Aztec - 2007-09-14 12:09:45

Hi Blessed, i was on troprol xl 50mgs 1 x a day i was getting very tired so my doctor lowered it to 25 mgs 1 x a day and i have been fine ever since that was 2 yrs ago , mine is for cardiomyopothy i have a icd not a pacemaker.

nice talkin to ya
hope this is helpful

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