Will my heartrate go back down?

Before I needed a pacemaker my resting heartrate was 60. Then I went into double block - my heart would beat 70-80 to get to 45. Now I had my pacemaker installed 3 days ago and I've been staying in the 75-80 range. Will my rate go back down to 60 again?


That depends ...

by admin - 2007-04-01 08:04:29

If the lower limit of your pacemaker is set at 60 bpm or below your heart rate should go back down again. It's possible, your doctor is waiting for your first check-up to adjust your settings. I encourage you discuss this your doctor at your follow-uo appoinment.

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by Butch - 2007-04-01 11:04:29

To start you out they might have raised the lower limit to 75 BPM until you are used to it. I was at 75 then went to 60 but had a spell where I was getting ready to pass out. I got him to slit the difference and go for 70 bpm.
Good Luck

I think it will in time

by herbie - 2007-04-02 10:04:52

Hi David,

I had a pacemaker fitted for third degree heart block in January.

I was having similar issues to yours; before I had the pacemaker, my resting heart rate was around 45bpm and we found that my heart was actually stopping for several seconds at a time during the night.

After having my pacemaker fitted my heart rate was "tanking along" (as my cardiologist put it) at nearly 100bpm - even when resting. This was even though my lower rate was set at 60.

For me, the reason it was tanking along was because my natural pacemaker had never been heard by my heart before - it had been emitting electric signals, trying to be heard but they were completely blocked. So, having an artificial pacemaker meant that my heart could now hear these signals. However, my natural pacemaker was a little over enthusiastic after having been blocked for so long - hence the fast rate.

Now my resting heart rate has calmed down to around 70bpm and drops to 60 when I'm asleep. I'm told that when I get myself back to full fitness I should be able to get to my lower rate of 60bpm when I'm awake.

Sorry for the waffle - I hope it helps!

The doctors will figure it out

by tomrein3 - 2007-04-02 11:04:12

After I had my aorta fixed about 14 years ago, my heart did well for about 10 years and then decided to run to about 120 for no reason. They gave me pills that slowed it down..way down to about 30 when I slept. Thus my pacemaker. It now sits at 60bpm. They started it at 70bpm then after about a year, they cut it to 60. So far, it is great. If you have any problems, call the doctor and let them know. They can answer!

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