Justi got my pacemaker replaced with a

Boston Scientific Accolade EL DR L331 and a new home monitor real fancy stuff. They gave me back the old stuff. I was more paintful than the first pacemaker because of the wires. It is supposed to be MRI safe.


MRI safe - conditional....

by crustyg - 2019-07-15 05:41:34

Hi Gwandolowski:

Your implanted device+leads *may* be MRI safe if the leads are also correct - it's all conditional on the total system implanted.

Also, depending on your pacing mode, you will need your box to be set to 'safe' mode for any MRI scan that you need to avoid the intense magnetic field of the scanner from forcing you into magnet mode, which, depending on your settings, could make you quite unwell.

From what I hear, some facilities are very nervous about putting patients with implanted devices into MRI scanners - the more that they know the more confident they become.  Some facilities may just refuse.

You will still see significant artefacts due to the box+leads so MRI imaging from your heart is still less good than without.   But at least if your physician says you need an MRI scan for your head, or knees, it should be possible now.

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