My PVC's And Palps Are Controlled Now. The Condition Is Still There But The Symptoms Are Controlled

Along with the daily PVC I was having and they were fairly good ones my heart skips beats when I lay on my left side and back. I will use Ibuprofen in low doses when required. OK, I only take 2 200mg tabs in the morning when I get up to let the dog out. I know Ibuprofen is bad but it's OK if it's not abused. Now I only take 2 200mg Ibuprofen tabs a few times a week when I have to go out. I don't go anywhere anymore since the pacemaker was put in.

I found the vitamin, "Tumeric" that's good for inflamation and controls the PVC's just fine so far. The days I stay home now I take 3 500mg pills totaling 1500mg and I'm doing fine controlling the PVC's and palps when I lay down. When I have to go out I subsitute one dose of Tumeric for the 2 Ibuprofen tabs. I feel really good about not having a huge PVC and getting dizzy rushing to find a place to sit and mush out. 

My Cardiologist also told me to increase my dosage of "Carvedilol" to stop the PVC's after I told him I was taking Ibuprofen. I told him I had only started doing Ibuprofen for a week and it was only 2 tabs a day and he cooled off about it. He put me on 3.125mg when I first started to see him. When he told me this he surely forgot to call the pharmacy but since I have an extra supply from missing doses at night I started doing the increase with the pills I forgot to take over the many months. When I run out of my extra Carvedilol I'm aready started on the Tumeric until my next appointment. I looked "Carvedilol PVC's" up on the computer and YES, Carvedilol has been proven to reduce PVC's effectively.

My pacemaker tune up tech told me that the palps I'm getting when I lay on my back and right side are being triggered by the extra pressure put on the "Pacemaker Leads". He reset the threshold to a higher number which didn't stop the palps but did indeed reduce their severity. The "Tumeric" and "Ibuprofen" stops these palps from happening even though it takes 2 to 3 hours to get results but the results last all day. I still haven't tried to sleep on my right side yet as a test. I hate feeling these palps! 

I do feel my PVC's and palps are caused by "Inflamation" now. Even though I know the PVC's which are in their early stage of development in me and palps are still there I can fully control them now. All this crap just started in April for me and was getting worse.

I do not know what's causing everyone's PVC's here even though I've read alot of posts trying to get myself educated on how to control mine. So far everytime I use "Inflamation Reducing" medication the PVC's go away for a long time. I will continue my research as I have many more health problems to deal with. "Did You Know A Hiatal Hernia can cause your heart palps?". I just found out I have a small Hiatal Hernia in a "CT Scan" I had done for something else. 

I wish everyone here the best!


PVCs and stuff

by AgentX86 - 2019-07-13 00:24:09

Yeah, ibuprofen is bad stuff but too bad.  It's the only thing that chases the pain away.  My cardiologist, EP, and I have come to an understanding regarding ibuprofen.  I take it when it's needed and they're not going to stop me.  They're actually not too bent about occaisional use. My cardiologist prescribed turmeric, too.  I noted that it's not recommended to be taken with anticoaguants, to which he answered, "Do you think there aren't any Indians with heart conditions or who use a anticoagulant?" 

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