Pain in Pacemaker Area

Hi there, I got a pacemaker implanted when I was 18 due to complete heart block. I'm now 21 and after getting a few changes to the settings of the pacemaker, I've noticed I have a lot of pain around the pacemaker site, it feels like muscle pain but I'm not sure, why would this happen? 


scar tissue

by Tracey_E - 2019-07-10 21:40:32

Are you doing anything new, like a new sport or exercise? I aggravated mine once when we got our first Wii (yes, it was a few years ago lol), my sister and I spent a whole evening boxing, because how often do you find a game where you can punch your sister in the head?? Anyway, next day my pacer hurt like crazy, took me forever to figure out why. I've also done it with extra long kayak trips, new moves at the gym. Most of the time it's settled and comfortable and I don't know it's there but every once in a while my body likes to remind me there's a hunk of metal in there. 

Watch for any signs of infection- fever, new redness, streaks, oozing. If you get any of those signs, have it looked at asap. 

Not sure

by odonicola - 2019-07-10 22:24:14

No I haven't started anything new, I've actually haven't been doing much the past few days as I'm been feeling quite down.  So I have no idea why this is happening, there's no reddnsss of any sign of infection 

Pain in Pm Area

by yeshua - 2019-07-13 09:59:14

Hello there. Sorry to hear about the pain. If i read correctly its been about 3 years since implant? I could hardly think that its an infection; pretty rare, unless you are immuno comprimised?? if not i suspect its could be scar tissue related?? Remember that if you do not have much fat, then there is not much cushion, and you may feel the PM and movements??chect muscles are easly aggitated and nerves may have been agrrevated?

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