Biotronik Pacer

I am having a very difficult moment. I am 46 and have had my Pacer for years. I saw my cardiologist six months ago, and explained that I was having numerous issues. A few of them being, severe pain in left arm, dizziness, and edema in limbs, accompanied by unbearable pain. My cardiologist never addressed these issues, spent a total of maybe ten minutes with me, said I needed an echo. I scrimped to Save for it, and was told two days before, the test had gone up $115.. I am self pay, denied ssi/SSDI and Medicaid. Well, long story short, I went to e.r., and got admitted. After a plethora of tests, my cardiologist didn't even v know I was his patient, told me that there was a lead slippage, but, it's not an emergency, so, he sent me home, telling me this an out patient issue, and I need to arrange it with his office. Any one has this happen? Any advice? Scared for my life here. I have a 3rd degree cardiac av back.


Get a Lawyer

by Gotrhythm - 2019-07-07 15:44:53

I hate that you have to get a lawyer to fight the government for the benefits you are entitled to. But sometimes that's the way it is. 

There are firms that specialize in SS benefit claims and charge nothing if they don't succeed. Since they stay in business, they must be winning more than they lose.

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