Need help

Just about 4 weeks with my dual chamber Boston Scientic pacemaker due to third degree heartblock as result of an ablation for SVNRT.

Finally starting to fell better most of the time, however there has to be some setting that is off. About 20-25 times a day I jump from low 60s to 85 and feel a very strong heart beat that makes me feel week. It is always 85 BPM +\- 2, and I know for sure I am pacing because of me Kardia monitor. The pacing at 85 only last about 60-90 seconds.

And idea what setting would cause this sudden jump to 85 so many times a day? It is driving me crazy. Thanks


Perhaps you have over sensing?

by Selwyn - 2019-06-30 11:53:02

My electrophysiologist said there is a problem with Boston Scientific:

“Although all leads evaluated in simulated testing environments comply with appropriate connector standards, we have discovered subtle differences amongst lead manufacturers in the surface finish of the lead terminal ring and amount of axial and radial terminal ring motion within the pacemaker header. These factors may result in intermittent increases in impedance leading to oversensing of the MV sensor signal or changes in daily impedance test measurements,” the company said. “Boston Scientific investigation has shown that the probability of harm associated with MV sensor signal oversensing behavior is significantly greater when affected pacemakers are connected to Medtronic or Abbott pacing leads."

( Ref: )

This would account for your increases in heart rate. The minute volume control should be turned off. 

"Boston Scientific said it’s working on a software update to detect and resolve the problem that it expects to submit for regulatory approval in March and to release in October if approved. In the meantime, the MV sensor should be turned off for pacemaker-dependent patients or patients for whom the risks of MV sensing outweigh the benefits."

Although the information is from 2018, I wonder whether you have not had your software updated?



Boston Scientific Firmware

by steppingstones - 2019-07-07 01:29:07

I have a Boston Scientific pacemaker implanted in July 2018 and at that time minute ventilation was turned off due to the problem with the firmware.  However, in February 2019 I was told the firmware had been updated and the minute ventilation was turned on. 

I have no proof but it seems that fix was delivered by Lattitude as when I went in for my interogation the minute ventilation was already on.

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