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I was curious what people have their pm set to?? I have DCM and had my biventricular pm set to pace at 75. As my cardio doc retired two months after doing my surgery, I now have new doc who has dropped my heart rate to 60 on the pm. I now have lead legs and no ankles as they are really swollen at the end of the day  😫😫. Would love to hear from anyone who has any news. Thanks in advance 😁😁


Change of pacemaker setting

by Selwyn - 2019-06-28 13:06:53

Given that you have DCM ( dilated cardiomyopathy) it may be that the reduction in heart rate has affected you cardiac output, and that now you are having fluid retention as a secondary effect of that low output, and tiredess. Facts are:


where CO is cardiac output

HR is heart rate 

and SV is stroke volume ( clearly a problem in DCM).

Complain to your doctor and hope they understand the physiology/pathology. 


Time for a talk

by Gotrhythm - 2019-06-28 15:23:04

Settings are educated guesswork on the part of your doctor. 

Some doctors "prefer" a heartrate of 60 bpm because many people feel fine at that rate and using the lowest possible rate conserves battery. Conserving battery isn't everything, though. How you feel matters at least as much, and only you can say how you feel.

If you felt well at 75 and are having symptoms at 60, you need to talk to your doctor--it's that simple. The doctor cannot know what's going on unless you tell him.


by dwelch - 2019-07-04 01:38:31

what Gotrythm said.  I had a "new doc" that messed with my settings I switched docs.  Sad when we have to change for whatever reason but it happens sometimes.  If you dont like nor trust the new doc, find another.  If they dont have a device they have no clue what it feels like to have your settings jacked with, even just the few seconds per test while they are doing tests.  Now we all went through the big transition from before pacer to after and got used to it.  But if you dont like the setting, get it changed, if they wont do it find another doc right away and get it changed.  As mentinoed above they are going to try to find the lowest tolerable/safe setting and put you there to save battery.  Battery is not everything as mentioned.  the purpose for this device is not to save battery and last longer it is 1) to save your life and 2) quality of life.  what is 1) without 2)?

Also each time you go in get a copy of the printout report.  It will show what was changed if anything each visit (They shouldnt be jacking with it after the first year) and you can use that with the next doc to say these are the settings I was happy with.  Is there a reason why we cant have these settings.  also you can use that report to ask/answer questions here.

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