Remove old leads before it is too late

Old leads can cause major problems. They can calisify and get into spots that cause interfernce in thef future.

It happened to me on vacation. I had a pacer inserted 30 yrs ago. When the attereies wore out the pacer was reoved and leads left in. Five yrs after remval I ned a new pacer. The cappedleads were uncaped and used. 11 yrs la the batteries wore out and a new pacer was installed with the old leads.

In March 2007 major problems crept into the picture and pacer guy could not insert with out difficulty .Medtronics was able to get some pacing but it stillnot right I also needed stent installed in the heart.
Do not let leads stay in to long the problems are great



Thank you

by swilson10 - 2007-04-02 05:04:18

Thank you for your post, I am dealing with this issue of leads right now and feeling anxious about the seriousness of having the non-functioning ones extracted. I have done some research on this and along with my doctor feel it is time to get a consult and see about getting them out and getting set up with functioning leads. Thanks again for your post.

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