ICD Activity Aftermath


Has anyone else felt a little tired after your ICD is triggered? It has been a few days since my ICD went off and I find myself a little tired (also a bit anxious that this may happen again).




Yes, takes a little time to recover...

by BOBTHOM - 2019-07-26 21:42:53

Sorry for the delayed response to this post.  My ICD fired 5 times in 15 minutes back in Sept 2018.  Not a fun serires of events.  Afterwards, felt out of it for weeks.  The reality that they don't tell you is that each time the device fires it actually causes damage to your heart.  So, the more it goes off, the worse you get.  Given enough time between events your heart will probably recover.  As to worrying about it going off again,  mine went off for the first time in Jan 2018, then paced me out once in Feb 2018, then nothing until Sept.  Now it's July 2019 and nothing since (thank God).  Good luck!

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