In July of 04 I was diagnosed with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, with a 15 - 20% ejection fraction. I also have CHF and COPD. I had my ICD implanted in February of 06. I felt like a whole new person at first. I received my first shock about 8 months ago so they raised me to 180 threshold. Again, I felt great. For the last 2 months I have been very tired, I never feel good and I get these sensations in my chest that feel like I am going to have an anxiety attack but they go away after a few minutes. I also have alot of sinus problems and don't know if this contributes to these feelings. I would think that they wouldn't. I am prescribed Valium, 5 mg, but I only take them when I need to. I don't like being down and do all that I can to lead a normal life. Although I had to quit my job because of my ejection fraction and my doctor's will not let me work. They say that I need to rest rest rest. I am wondering if anyone else has had a problem with pain in their chest, feelings of anxiety and impending doom and, in general, just not feeling good. I am tired of feeling bad. I tend to sleep alot now. I am not depressed. I just do not feel good anymore. Is there anyone in this forum that feels like I do? What is it and what can be done about it?


chest sensations

by kathybnc - 2007-04-01 11:04:46

Hi, My husband has had cardiomyopathy for about 9 years and Nov. 06 had an ICD implanted. He basically doesn't feel well most of the time and has strange sensations in his chest. Mostly he says the implant hurts at the site and in his chest. We have talked to EP, cardio and primary physician, but without much luck. He does sleep quite a bit. his ejection fraction is at about 15% right now. He is also on xanax for anxiety (as the ICD has shocked him a few times). He only takes them at night. He, too, is tired of feeling bad. If you come up with anything please post and we'll do the same. We see cardio on 4/13, so we'll see if he can offer any suggestions.

Best of luck to you. Kathy

I feel the same at times

by dave969 - 2007-06-05 05:06:53

I have had congestive Heart failure in 2004 and after not getting my energy back the DR decided to install a Medtronic pace maker with a defibrillator.
There are time when I feel about 75% good and other time I feel Under 50% no energy short breath and funny feelings in chest area.
As for the bump on the chest I have forgotten about it.
There have been times when I thought who cares if I live or not, but I finally decide what I have is better than the other. Depression is there off and on.
I am 57 years old and have 25 to 30% ejection fraction.
Just yesterday I got what I think were the defib kicking in twice.
It was like a electrical shock, white light then a little light head. Has anybody felt the same thing, it scared me at first.
I have also quit smoking using Chantix which is really great.
So Rick you are not alone and most of the folks have felt the same feelings.
Hang in there.

It happens

by familyliving - 2012-06-18 01:06:16

Until I found this site, everyone looked at me as though I was crazy in trying to explain those chest feelings. I too would find myself short of breath, feel as though there was added weight to my breathing and then that sudden feeling of rush through the heart. Like Pamela, I was tired of hearing it was all me and thought "I'm gunna change me and prove to the doctor it's them". Well I quit smoking, quit drinking sugary drinks(soda, ocean spray, junk juices) and replaced them with LifeWater and Crystal Light to still have some flavor and avoid cravings. I dropped eating a lot of wasteful starches(dropped white bread and bleached flour, reduced my potato intake as I am an old country kid and meat and potatoes are my life's food). You'd be surprised what 50 sit ups and 30 push ups everyone morning can do to not only help you stay healthier and fit, but to clear your mind with some consistent breathing once. These changes took away all but the "rush" feeling in the heart, which is now believed to be a couple of wires crossing, but the breathing troubles and most of the anxiety are gone. At some point, it's gotta be more about you and less about your device and condition. You can do it, all of us can. The one thing to make sure of though, is if you have a family, get them involved in your life changes whether they be diet, activity, what ever it is, it makes it TONS easier!

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