Pacemaker Interference when driving Suzuki Grand Vitara

Has anyone ever experienced pacemaker interference when driving the Suzuki Grand Vitara?

At home, on exertion, I would sweat badly, become exhausted and breathless. Angina.

Prior to pacemaker, I suffered syncope, my pulse kept falling below 30bpm.

So it was set to 60bpm.

Cardiology unlocked something to allow my heart rate to increase thus providing increased oxygenation to limbs etc.

As soo as I turn the engine on, my pacemaker goes haywire causing flutters in my lower neck and around the heart leading to breathlessness, agitation, exhaustion, angina, aple and sweating.

I thought I was dying.

I then have to lie down and sleep to recover.

Apart from not using the vehicle, is there any advice how I can solve the solution.




Check heart rate

by ar_vin - 2019-06-21 12:30:48

It's possible that the changed rate response setting is causing the vibration of the engine running to trigger the accelorometer in the PM causing a rise in heart rate. 

Wear a heart rate monitor and observe your heart rate - with and without the engine running and also during routine activities.

I'd suggest using a chest strap heart rate monitor (like the Polar H10); the wrist worn monitors can be quite unreliable. I'd suggest borrowing a chest strap or buying one if you plan to use it often. 

It's quite unlikely that this is electromagnetic interference.

Be curious

by Gotrhythm - 2019-06-21 16:40:35

Electro-magentic interference of a pacemaker is really, really rare. All over the world, people with pacemakers start cars, motorcyles, tractors, Catarpillars, dump trucks, Bobcats, backhoes, snow blowers--you name it--without problem.

 Today's devices are well-shielded and there isn't much a person in ordinary life could encounter that would affect the pacemaker. But in the event there is interference, your pacemaker doesn't go haywire. It just turns off everyting except the default programming. As soon as you step away from the source of interference it goes back to your regular settings.

So you can see, interference is not a problem. But even if it is a problem, it's still not a problem. These little jewels are amazing and fairly idiot-proof.

What AR_vin said about vibration is correct. Tell your EP what is happening. It's possible that rate response can be adjusted to make it less sensitive.

Just out of scientific curiosity, before talking to the doctor, I'd want to see what happened if I sat on the passenger side or a back seat and someone else started the car.


by Mur - 2019-06-24 16:01:53

would this also happen if you were in the passinger seat and somebody else turns on the ignition?

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