Vehicle motor interference

I just had a Medtronic Pacemaker "installed" replacing a previous pacemaker that was 12 years old. I find that when I start the car engine and also during the trip, I have an unusual feeling the whole time I am driving. I have never had this before with the other PM (another brand). Does anyone else get this same sensation? It has been adjusted once and seems to be better, but I still feel a slight sensation.
This is my third PM. I have not ever had any kind of problems before.


rsp to auto engine impacting PM

by maestro - 2007-04-07 08:04:19

I have not experienced what you describe in a car, although I have had some iffy moments in an airplane.

What I can add is this. I was told I can no longer perform auto maintenance routines while the car engine is running because the electrical system is a high energy system and it generates a substantial electrical field which will impact the PM. Avoid these fields. I wonder if your auto has proper shielding to prevent this difficulty.

Any large electrical field will upset the PM by interferring with its signals. In fact, I have a recent news article which says the security scanners which retailers place at their exit doors do have an effect on PMs. You are advised never to stand between their electronic scanners. Walk through quickly.

Hope this helps.

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