I have been having fluid built-up after insertion of my pace maker on Feb. 28th of this year...causing pain. The area has been drained once...and again, there is fluid built-up, I am schudeled for another eko...(have had this done every week).
The doctor obviously punctured the heart sac allowing blood in seep in...what would anyone of you advise...second opinion or?

Please help me with this...My life is not back, yet...To add insult to injury...when I went back to the hospital to have the fluid drained, I picked up a viral problem...that has laid me low for almost two week.



Who was this quack?

by slowhands - 2007-03-30 02:03:16

I would like to know the doctor and hospital name so I can avoid them. I hope you insist that they at least fix things for free. What city do you live in?

2nd Opinion

by STennant - 2007-03-30 12:03:26

I highly recommend a second opinion. I waited to long. If you want excellent pacer care I recommend the Cleveland Clinic.... They keep me beating!

Same thing

by boatman50 - 2007-03-31 09:03:14

I also had problems. I got my pm in June 06 as an emergency. The doc that put it in ( a vascular surgeon) did the operation at 8pm and sent me home the next day, with no instructions, no arm sling, nothing. I started having severe pains in my back and down my arm and ended up in the emergency room a couple of nights after. The doc saw me once and said it was nothing. My cardiologist wanted to check further and I had some tests done that showed a lead had pierced my heart and there was also blood around it. I ended up in an ambulance that night into NYC and a great doc that fixed me up, kept me a few days and told me what to expect and how to behave for awhile! Night and day difference. I suggest you get a second opinion asap!

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