Low Energy Level

10 weeks and its doing the job. I am back to weight lifting and that goes well but the tennis low energy level lack of energy to move fast my serve is not any where near where it was before the Pace Maker. When made to move fast i run out of gas maybe it takes time comments


Get your settings checked ...

by admin - 2007-05-10 09:05:19

Being an active pacer, I assume you have a dual chamber rate responsive device. If that is the case, talk to your doctor about your energy levels when playing tennis. Your upper limit setting may need to be increased because of your activity level.


Low energy on court

by rosep - 2007-05-11 11:05:00

Hi Bradac,

I played my first proper team match this week (doubles) after 8 weeks, and had similar problems -very quickly got very breathless and didn't have the oxygen/energy going to my muscles to let me run much. The actual stroke play was fine and it was great to get back on court, just frustating that I knew I couldn't move! I am going back to clinic in a couple of weeks to have my pm regulated for exercise, my top rate being only 120bpm- it's bringing my beat down when I go over the limit. I'm hoping that my pm can be set at 150-60 and that will make the difference when I play. My team won this week and I took two sets with my partner, despite the problems - having expected to just make the numbers up to avoid giving league points away I was thrilled!!!
Hope you get your pm sorted so you can get running on court! Rosep

Same problem with energy

by lordwilliam - 2008-11-11 01:11:49

I've had my PM for a year. I am a runner who likes to run half marathons, but since I got my PM, I can only run about 3 miles and then I'm out of energy. Everyone tells me that I need to act my age--53--but before my PM, I could run 10 miles every other day with no problems. I am frustrated because every doctor I talk to never give me an adequate answer as to why I have less energy.

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