New to this forum and could really use some help.  Three months ago my husband had a pacemaker implanted and hasn't been the same since.  It seems that with any small exertion he becomes lightheaded.  This lasts for about a minute and then he stabilizes.  It is almost as though his pacemaker isn't able to keep up with him.  We are so new to this device and I am doing everything I can to be supportive.  We have seen the cardiologist along with the Abbott people twice now and they have "tweeked" it twice. Any information that you can supply will be truly appreciated.


Light headed

by Paulb - 2019-05-19 09:05:21

I was light headed after surgery and, knowing no better, thought it was the normal feeling. I found out later that one of my leads was not properly connecting.. It subsequently disconnected completely and  i had to go back for surgery to have it reconnected. 

Don't know

by Jimmy Dinfla - 2019-05-19 22:50:59

Seeing the cardiologist and device maker is very wise.  When the light headed feeling occurs, does the pacemaker have the capability to send a transmission to your cardiologist via a separate "box" -- mine looks like a cellphone?  If so, send a transmission and call to ensure your doctor received it to evaluate what is going on.  Two other possibilities: some pacemakers have a rate response capability that may require further tweaking, and was there any  change in meds?  

Wishing your husband the best getting over this situation.

Light headed on exercise onset

by Selwyn - 2019-05-20 09:21:58

 It may be something simple like the speed of onset  of the exercise function (rate response) , or whether it is indeed even turned on. All can be set. Mine is set to fast onset as I regularly exercise. 

Sometimes medication can be a problem. ( such as drugs that lower blood pressure).

Your husband should not have other cardiological, ciculatory or respiratory problems - a medical opinion may be needed. 

Even in the best of hands, there is a pacemaker lag, so that sudden onset exercise ( eg. sprinting) leaves a large oxygen debt.


by Doris Jean - 2019-05-25 22:07:19

Just an update.  SOB and lightheadedness have finally subsided.  Met with ST Jude tech on Tuesday morning and he made a single adjustment on the rate response sensor.  It has been the difference of night and day.  I am just so grateful and also want to thank those on the pacemaker club who have been good enough to share their experiences.  It truly helped.  My husband is feeling so much better.  

That is the good news.  Later the next day we went to a dermatologist and they took his blood pressure which is now 108/60.  He said that was very low.  So since he was on high blood pressure medicine we called the cardio dr and he has taken off one of his high pressure meds.  More info as the week progresses.

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