Returning Symptoms

Morning All

I’m seven months post dual chamber pm and generally it’s been fine, it’s set low and for infrequent as it seems I’m sensitive to the pain when it paces, but generally seems OK. 

Except, 4 weeks ago I started getting similar symptoms to those which caused me to head to the doc, fatigue climbing the stairs, lightheartedness, short of breath, poor sleep, waking up exhausted, sweating after little effort. 

I’m back seeing the hospital but wondered if anyone else has had a recurrence, and what was done, hate to think I’d gone though the whole process for nothing 

Appreciate any insights 


The Meds

by lefty2 - 2019-05-13 12:06:13

I would have the doctor check the meds. I find that some of the medicines I take cause some of the symptoms that your describe. Some cause low blood pressure which can cause dizziness, fatigue, etc.



Pain when it paces?

by Gotrhythm - 2019-05-13 13:31:12

You get a pacemaker when your heart can't beat fast enough on it's on. Turning the pacemaker down so that it won't pace frequently enough--doesn't that defeat the purpose of having a pacemaker?  The pacemaker is not being allowed to do the job it was intended for.

If despite the pacemaker, your heart is still not beating fast enough to supply your organs with adequate fresh oxygenated blood, it seems to me that a return of symtoms is inevitable.

I think it's time for a frank talk with your doctor about your treatment goals and options for achieving those goals. I would want to know if there was another way--other than turning down the pacemaker--of addressing the pain

Just my opinion. 


by jennk - 2019-05-13 20:28:11

This happened to me once.  I went in to my cardiologist and my pm had reverted to safe mode.  My doctor said it rarely happens, maybe twice in his career.  The Medtronic rep had no explanation and once they reset it I felt fine again.  He asked if I’d gone through a strong magnetic field recently.  Seriously?   Hang in there and trust how you feel.

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