~HI~ *wave* i'm new here!

So hi im christina. i am a 26yr old mother of one with one on the way. i have an abdominal implanted pacer as well as an artificial valve. i am due for a battery change and was wondering if any one else has had one done. i dont know what to expect as it is in my abdominal area instead of the usual placement.


welcome, Christina!

by bambi - 2007-03-28 11:03:24

As a new member on the site myself, I know how important it is to be welcomed and have a little communication from the older members. So- welcome Christina! Bless your heart [literally-ha!], you have been through some stuff haven't you? I had a pacer replacement in 2005, but mine is placed under the collarbone. I know it's trickier when it's placed in the stomach. As far as the surgery, I found it much easier than the original surgery. I didn't even have the arm restriction! I'm wondering if they can wait until after your baby is born? How far along are you, and what's the life left on your battery? I'm sure there are other members that have their pacer in the stomach that will know more about the surgery! Meanwhile, take good care of yourself, and keep in touch. Bambi

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