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Saw my Doctor this past week and he said it was up to me if I wanted repositioned. That has scared me as I made it thru the first surgery happily. I don't think that I could put myself thru it again. I don't think that it is happy where it is but looking at the long view, I had a blood clot after the surgery which I a still battling so I am going to take a back seat for a while till I get some things ironed out. However that having been said I thank you all for the kind information. This forums has been wonderful with such good information. 

Since my surgery was after I entered the ER with syncope episodes one after another there was very little conversation about what was to happen going forward. I had no blood or very little going to my brain. I came thru very well. I am a very strong engergetic 83 year old, still working and want to reach some level of peace with my life. 

Thank you for you posts I so appreciate it,

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Good call

by RedRocksGirl - 2019-05-03 13:29:47

Hey rvcjoan, probably a good call to wait it out for a littel bit, especiallyy since you've got a blood clot to deal with. I had to have a second procedure 3 months after the initial one to move my ICD to a higher place and I was so discouraged and stressed out - I think I was also having PTSD from the first time.  I didn't have any blood clots, but was pretty awake and feeling so much pain as they were doing the cardiac cath I had to have the morning of the ICD implant and also during the implant procedure itself. The EP discovered I had a "unique" heart anatomy and it took him over 2 hours just to get the second lead in! He said it was the hardest procedure he's ever done. The second time, which was just three weeks ago was smooth as silk (the leads were all fine and didnt have to be messed with), they gave me more of the twilight anesthesia so I slept through most of it and wasn't aware of any pain

It sounds like you're in great shape and have a wonderful attitude and I'm sure will breeze through the repositioning if you choose to do it. I'm counting on mine behaving and staying in place now and not having to do this for another 9.7 years!  ;)

Best of luck to you!  :)

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