Does anyone here practice yoga? Can anyone think of any concerns doing it? I've started yoga and I wonder if all the stretching could cause a lead to come out. I've had my pm for 9 months now and all is fine. Is it ever possible for a lead to pull out, even after it's been in a long time?



by anne8486 - 2008-01-17 08:01:44

I do yoga... well I did, haven't lately. But I never had a problem with it, I just got my second one this week so I probably won't start back up for about 6 weeks, but it was great, kept me in shape! Glad all has gone well with your PM. I know there are some things that can make a lead move but yoga isn't supposed to be one of them. Good luck!



by pacergirl - 2008-01-17 10:01:56

I love my yoga practice! I had to limit my sessions only because of my work schedule. I have had a bit of an adjustment when I reach my left arm across my chest in certain poses... my arm has to go over or across the pacer... it can take some adjusting. I am not a large woman and the pacer sticks out some. I don't worry about anything else while I do my yoga. I have only experienced this problem.

pacergirl.... Namaste!

Oh yes!

by bambi - 2008-01-19 10:01:34

Go for it! I have pretty much bent into pretzel positions as a ballet teacher, and a enthusiastic yoga student, and have never had any problems! Enjoy!


by gevans - 2008-01-23 11:01:59

I also endorse both yoga & pilates (or anything that encourages more stretching - even if 4 decades of marathoning has decimated my hamstrings). Anyway, I still try and keep up with the young ladies in my gym's classes (they are the real reason that I always attempt to strive for new goals or push myself so vigorously).

Enjoy the scenery (and commraderie),


yoga question

by rainbow2050 - 2014-05-29 01:05:50

Hi. I'm still fresh from my PM implant on left side. When can I go back Yoga? Since I'm recommended for 6 weeks rest of my left arm (no lifting yet above shoulder), what are my options?

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